Renault plans to double vehicle sales in Qatar

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Renault plans to double its sales figures in Qatar as well as the region during 2012, the European carmaker’s GCC managing director Mustansir Lakdawala said.

“Renault’s growth in Qatar has been impressive. If our exclusive distributors Saleh Al Hamad Al Mana sold 200 cars in 2010, they sold 800 in 2011, and this year we are planning to do double,” he told Gulf Times. The Renault official recalled the brand has almost touched a market share of 1% in the region, from 0.2%.

“This year, we are expecting to do at least more than 2% in the region, in segments where we are present,” he explained.

Even in 1997-98, the Renault presence outside Europe was only 11%. In the last two years, Renault’s presence has radically changed, and it is now almost 40% outside Europe.

“Coming to the GCC region, we did not want to rush as the customers are very demanding. We wanted to have a quality product tested in the region. Today all the Renault vehicles you see in the region are tested in the region.

“There is not a single complaint from the customers. All the Renault being sold in the region are of GCC specifications, tested in summer in the region by our team.”

Renault’s all-new Duster was unveiled at the Qatar Motor Show. The latest versions of Fluence, Koleos and Meganne Hatch are also on display at the show.

The Renault Duster, a world-wide best seller, is described as a compact, robust, practical and affordable SUV. It comes in 4×2 and 4×4 versions powered by a 2.0 litre 135hp engine, offering off-road capabilities. Renault claims the Duster, which has been tested in the harsh weather conditions of the region, is an attractive and viable alternative to larger and more expensive SUVs.

The new Renault Koleos, available in 4×2 and 4×4 versions, is powered by a 170hp engine. A new colour, Cayenne Orange, has been added to the line-up.

“Our best selling model is Fluence. The second best seller is Safrane, almost neck to neck with Camry and Altima in features,” Lakdawala said.

Fleet customers prefer the Logan sedan, a quality product, which is very attractively priced and comes with a reasonable cost of ownership.

“Then we have the Renault Pick Up, the big van Trafic, the small Logan van (small), and SUV Koleos, which is very attractive in design and features,” he added.


Source: Gulftimes

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